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San Francisco Revokes Cell Phone Radiation Law


A potentially landmark legislation that consumer and health advocates had been banking on was finally struck down by the San Francisco supervisors following a key loss in court against the cell phone industry. More on the story here… The San Francisco Board of Supervisors ends its 3-year battle with the wireless industry by agreeing to


Korean Study: Mobile Phone Radiation Spikes in Subways

Cell phone users in Seoul subway

It is easy to see how people riding in subways can be exposed to a higher level of cell phone radiation. Not only are crowds of commuters using the phone at the same time, but phones in enclosed spaces, and in moving vehicles such as trains, have to work harder to connect to base stations. […]


World’s First Transparent Mobile Phone


The Taiwan division of US company Polytron released the world’s first transparent smartphone. Interesting, but how practical is it? Here’s more of the story… Over the past few years, there have been a number of manufacturers who attempted to switch up the status quo in terms of mobile device form factors.Examples include flexible displays and […]


Electrosensitive ‘Wi-Fi Refugees’ Move to Town Where Cell Phones Are Illegal

Wireless technology is so prevalent today that there’s hardly any place anybody can go without being exposed to electromagnetic radiation from cell phones, cell towers, wifi hotspots, and so on. For people who are sensitive to these electromagnetic frequencies, life has become miserable. And for some, relocating to a place where these technologies are minimal […]


Israeli Study Shows Cell Phone Radiation and Thyroid Cancer Link

Cell phone use and thyroid cancer link

The cell phone-cancer link is still a subject of heated debate. But recent research by Israeli scientists has found changes in thyroid cells as a result of exposure to electromagnetic radiation similar to the one emitted by mobile phones. Here’s the full story. Israeli scientists find possible link between cellphone use, thyroid cancer Israeli scientists […]

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